Introducing: CopDB

Introducing: CopDB

We’re building a community-sourced police activity database. They surveil us, it’s time we surveilled them!

We are a group of abolitionists based in Utah that have decided to build a tool that can empower our community to keep tabs on the racist, armed, gangs that patrol our streets. Utah police regularly abuse our neighbors and these abuses go largely unrecorded.

Ideally this project can extend beyond Utah, hopefully to any community that would like to be involved. For now, however, we are planning on launching in Utah and ironing out any kinks.

The project is structured similarly to Wikipedia. Anyone with an account can submit “reports” which is how new police and incidents, as well as any media associated with them, get brought into the system. These reports are reviewed by moderators where they are either approved and published or feedback is given so the report can meet the standards required for the database to be useful.

At the time of writing the database is in Beta, the data there is largely dummy data and some of the functionality we need to launch is still missing. If you would like to stay up to date go subscribe for email updates on the homepage, otherwise head on over to to test it out!